With a pinch of millennial ingenuity and a dash of traditional fire service values, Eric Hurst has created a new recipe for success in public information.

Although major incidents often trend on social media due to their widely visible nature and witnesses with smartphones in hand; few PIO’s have personally created trending hashtags and viral video.  Eric’s local breaking news coverage has been featured on The Weather Channel, CNN, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Inside Edition, ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates across the nation.  In 2016 Eric was presented with a Distinguished Service Award for the international spotlight his fire district received after firefighters rescued a horse.

Eric is an internationally published photographer with images featured in text books, retail calendars, Firehouse Magazine, FireRescue Magazine, on the cover of Fire Apparatus Journal, FireEngineering Magazine and the German Feuerwehr Fachjournal.  Eric’s severe weather photography has been featured by National Geographic.

Eric’s creative eye has rejuvenated public safety education by mixing timely news and information into an entertaining reality based video production.  His webisode series called “Unscripted” drew the attention of news media within hours of the first episode being published.  They were so impressed by the content that they featured it on the evening news as a recommendation for their viewers to watch.

Eric’s on camera presence is both serious and genuine, always staying on focus with the facts but not afraid to talk about emotion and feelings to engage the audience and ensure his soundbites are broadcasted.

All of these things directly promote Eric’s fire district in the most professional manner possible.

Meet The Fire PIO

Eric Hurst

Eric is an experienced Public Information Officer who combines his passion for the fire service and photography to tell timely, meaningful and inspiring stories to promote South Metro Fire Rescue.  Eric breaks the traditional mold of a PIO, going beyond the safety of a command post to capture incidents from the responders perspective.  Eric’s photographs, videos and breaking news reporting have been published and shared internationally and generated trending statuses on Twitter.