Are  you in search of individual instruction,  organizational consultation or a classroom presenter for topics related to fire service public information?  Eric can tailor the learning experience to whatever your needs are.

Social Media

Now more than ever social media is vital to successful communication between fire departments and the communities they serve.  Every day there is a new opportunity to engage the people we serve with proactive stories, educational topics, recruitment and most importantly, breaking news.  With so many different social media platforms available, how do you choose the right ones?  What information is best shared on them?  How does social media need to be monitored and interacted on?  While there isn’t necessarily a perfect answer there are recipes for success that can be shared implemented.


One of the best ways to tell a story is through the use of photography and videography.  There is no disputing that the best camera is the one you have with you when you need it, but combining the latest in image capturing technology with social media is surefire path to greater success.  Eric’s 14 years experience as a fireground and severe weather photographer has landed his work in multiple publications.   With a little learning and a lot of practice you and your agency can easily have professional quality images captured in house.

Breaking News Coverage

There is a reason why stringers and journalists are employed and mostly it is because people want to see emergencies close up.  The best way fire departments can manage breaking news is to capture it and present in a timely fashion, they way they want.  With the ability for citizen journalists to go live from the scene of your incidents and possibly present inaccurate or false information, public information officers need to be on top of it and release accurate information.  Social media allows us to tell our own story and be our own news reporter, but there is an art to it.  Combine this ability with great photography and a fire department now has it’s own news channel.

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