Unscripted Series

Unscripted Series

Unscripted Episode 14 – “Tag” the USAR K9

Tag isn’t your average firehouse dog, although he loves the camaraderie of hanging out with firefighters for 48 hours.  Tag is a specially trained FEMA USAR canine who has a gift for finding people who need help.

Unscripted Episode 13 – Firehouse 61

Ride along with Firefighters from South Metro Firehouse 61 during a steady shift that concluded with an early morning working house fire.

Unscripted Episode 12 – Saving Their Own, Todd’s Story

December 11, 2017, was the day that Firefighter Todd Hennessy died.  He was riding inside Engine Company 44, returning to the station from a medical emergency and went into sudden cardiac arrest. Probationary Firefighter Bryan Vogt (working his first shift) quickly identified that Todd needed help.  The crew of Engine 44 stopped, pulled Todd from the cab of the Engine, began CPR and shocked his heart with a defibrillator.  3 minutes later Todd was alive, talking and somewhat confused.  Meet the crew of Engine 44 and ride with Todd for his first time back in the fire engine.

Unscripted Episode 11 – Cancer Prevention, Troy’s Story

On July 16, 2017, South Metro Fire Rescue suffered the loss of Engineer Mike “Free” Freeman, a 43 year veteran of the fire department who held badge number 1.  Free was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor a couple months earlier, job related cancer.  Operations Chief Troy Jackson has been battling job related cancer since 2013 and was brave enough to tell his story in this episode.  I am privileged to work with Troy and proud to share the cancer prevention measures my fire department is taking.

Unscripted Episode 10 – A Probie’s First Day in The Firehouse

A probie’s first day in the firehouse is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a while and I’m thrilled that I finally got the opportunity.  Back in October of 2017 I presented the idea to the Fire Academy Instructor Cadre, the Chief of Training and asked them to select a recruit that would be perfect to follow on their first day.  It worked out well that Firefighter Stensvad got assigned to one of our busiest companies, currently working out of a dual company house.  This is a story that instills pride within the department, respect and appreciation from the community and inspiration for future firefighters.

Unscripted Episode 9 – Fix It Before You Go Home

I vividly remember visiting Station 32 when I was a child and it seemed a lot bigger then.  Anyone who has worked in the same firehouse for a while knows that if the walls could talk they could tell endless stories of honor, pride, happiness, tragedy, sadness and tradition.  When 32’s entered it’s final days before being demolished many of those stories began coming out including a legendary archery incident and a lesson in pride and ownership.

Unscripted Episode 8 – The Armada

I’ve loved fire apparatus for as long as I can remember.  I learned about the differences between engines, aerials, rescues, medics etc. as a child after being gifted old Firehouse and FireEngineering Magazines from the crew at Station 31 where I used to regularly visit.  Pierce was always my favorite, I couldn’t get enough of the way they looked and the little details like the cab length arrow on the Arrow chassis.  When SMFR purchased 5 Engines and 2 Towers I accompanied the apparatus committee to Appleton, Wisconsin and documented the build and final inspection process.

Unscripted Episode 7 – FireWise

Although Episode 7 isn’t the most exciting it is very relevant to the people living in my fire district.  The wildland urban interface presents one of the most series threats we have and preparing homeowners and their property for the worst is a story worth telling and sharing.

Unscripted Episode 6 – Wildland Team

Episode 6 takes us on a journey to Northern California with 4 of South Metro’s Wildland Team Firefighters.  Their 14 day assignment got dicey when rapid fire spread pushed the crew into a safety zone where they captured incredible video of natures furry being met by an aerial assault.  This is a story of well trained brave men following LCES and coming home safe.

Unscripted Episode 5 – Stress Inoculation

Stress Inoculation Training was a new term for me and one I will never forget.  It was the theme of Operation Follow Through, a simulated attack with car bombs and numerous victims played by actors who were  moulaged with mock injuries.  It was obvious from the expressions on the first responders faces that this went beyond the conditions of a standard drill and truly prepared them for a real terrorist attack.

Unscripted Episode 4 – Busy 4th of July

The busiest July 4th night in nearly a decade sent companies racing from one side of the district to the other after sunset.  Just after the professional fireworks displays ended a barrage of nuisance fires was topped off by a widely visible urban interface fire above the affluent neighborhoods of Lone Tree.

Unscripted Episode 3 – Firehouse 41 and Marty

When I visited Firehouse 41 it was to tell a story about their first due area and some recent fires of interest.  During an interview with Engine Company Lieutenant Chris Sarver, South Metro’s biggest fan literally walked right into the frame and got a big hug… it was Marty.  And as the title “Unscripted” suggests, there’s no better way to tell a story than sometimes letting it tell itself.

Unscripted Episode 2 – Station 31 and Dive Team

I grew up in Station 31’s First Due, visited the crews every weekend and wanted nothing more than to one day be a Firefighter Paramedic on Medic 31.  Although my career aspirations changed, I still enjoy working with 31’s and recently got to tell their story.  It’s a brand new neighborhood Firehouse with a wicked cool new rescue boat.

Unscripted Episode 1 – MetCom Dispatch 

I spent 12 years of my career working in 911 fire communications and kicked off the Unscripted Series in April during National Telecommunicators Week.  Dispatchers are often the unsung hero’s of public safety and MetCom’s are top-shelf, internationally accredited professionals.